Getting Started
A brief intro

What is Huddln ?

The Huddln protocol is a service that aims at providing monetization features to other content focused Dapps on the blockchain. Huddln provides a set of contracts that act as a network of features that any Dapp can plug into to provide their users with features that they need not develop. Think of Huddln as a blockchain infrastructure that any Dapp can plug into to provide real value to their users.

Why Huddln ?

The current state of the blockchain landscape is fractured and siloed in terms of Dapp cross talk. Blockchain tech has allowed developers to deploy applications in such a way to make it sufficiently decentralized however this has as caused many social media Dapps/content Dapps to form their own standards/protocols. This has lead to many different Dapps spending time and effort to create new unique services to differentiate themselves from others, at the cost of interoperability. Right now if you connect to a Dapp and stake on a piece of content that may mean on thing on one platform and something totally different on another. While these unique Dapps may flourish in their own rights, we are silioeing features/storage. If we can create a set of features that are abstract enough to be used by many different use cases we can create a set of protocols that many Dapp creators can benefit from.

The Huddln Service

The Huddln service is an instance of this protocol that is currently launched on the Matic Network (L2 Mainnet ). The protocol is designed to act as an API service for many Dapps, this means that the Dapp creators can benefit from a hub of pre-populated content/features from other users that already using Dapps that have plugged in. For example, if a user creates some Staked content using Huddln's Service that staked content may get patrons to stake on it outside the platform the original creator started the stake from. This allows the Huddln Service to not only act as a service but a market hub where many Dapp creators and their users with easy market access.
Last modified 10mo ago