Dapp Integration

basic guide


This guide will go over setting the Huddln Service in your Dapp. Currently this service is only available on the Matic Network.

If you would like to become a partner you must setup your Dapp to interact on the Matic Network.

To learn more about integrating with Matic + Metamask check out their documentation before proceeding. https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/getting-started

The following guides will also assume you have already setup your web3js project & know how to interact with Metamask.

Gateway Status

It should be noted that all calls to the service are delegated with the Gateway Contract. This gateway acts as the main endpoint for the service. Depending on your dapp design it may be needed to listen to events emitted from the feature contracts (Content staking) for you UX/UI.

The Gateway is pausable, this means that the Huddln organization may put this service in paused mode when performing upgrades and or maintenance.

Your dapp should always listen to the status before attempting any calls.

The public variable is available via isRunning .

Any old versions of the service will perpetually have isRunning = false